Nyota Ndogo and her husband
Nyota Ndogo and her husband
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Kenyan song bird Nyota Ndogo has vowed to fight for her marriage after her Dutch husband Henning Nielsen blocked her number.

The 'Watu Na Viatu' hitmaker says this was caused by a prank she played on him on April's fools day, that she was pregnant.

Since then, Mr Nielsen has not spoken to his wife.


Taking to social media, Nyota reminded him that she will fight for their love since she promised to do so on their wedding day.

"I will fight for this love.People think the love that you've gotten used to, you can let it go. Nope, not me....Let them say that I'm ashaming myself but if loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right"

She went on to remind him;


"My love do you remember this day? This was the day our body become one lakini pia this day Pia was the day we get bully yani tulipuliwa mpaka tunaenda mlima wa sagala kusoma comments I use to read for you what this my people walikua wanacooment but unakumbuka jumbe moja ulisoma ilikua inasema NYOTA UNAKAA KAMA MFU AMEFUFUKA. nikakusomea nikatranlate what you after me reading for you you hold me tight yani very tight then you said to me YOUR BEAUTIFUL my wife"

She vowed to fly to his place if she is not unblocked;

"UMENIBLOCK KILA MAHALI LAKINI GOOGLE itakupa ujumbe I will come to you if you don’t come here. Wewe mawe basi huna uruma Jamani"