Davido is teasing details of his forthcoming album and reflects on his collaboration with Kanye West in a recent interview on The Dotty Show.

The Nigerian singer says he and his team are on the final stages to complete the album.

"So the new name will be announced soon. Our music is done, like I said, we're in the final stages of the mixing and mastering. And hopefully after the tour we let loose."

He tells fans to expect fire as he is bringing back the original Afribeat music.

"We had fun making this. So I make fun music so I just want... I'm here to make people smile, dance, and sometimes reflect. I feel like everything is going to be... It's in that album. Everything you need. And I feel now we're going to change a lot. Not really crazy on features with this album, it's more of bringing back that Davido, Davido, Davido, Davido. Of course there'll be a couple features, but nothing crazy like that. So we're here for... This year we just making music."

The singer has worked with Kanye's Sunday Service Choir;

"We was in Atlanta when he was having the release parties, and then from there I met Jason who works with Kanye, and then we just got in the studio and played them a couple records, and obviously ‘Stand Strong’ is the one that fit them."

"And we flew out to L.A. and we shot the video. And hopefully we get to perform a couple shows with them. It was just a different feeling, a different kind of record. I wouldn't say I've never done a record like that, but I don't think I've ever released a record like that. But funny enough, my earlier records, before Afro beats and stuff, that's the kind of music I was geared to, like R&B, slow, soulful type stuff."