Betty Kyallo and her sisters Mercy and Gloria Kyallo are the stars of their own reality show 'Kyallo Kulture.'

The Kyallo sisters have made headlines and have been subjects of trending topics on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The sisters are opening up all aspects of their lives in their new reality series now streaming on Showmax. 


"You’re not getting married again, are you?” Gloria, the youngest of the Kyallo sisters asks Betty in the first few moments of episode one.

“I think I just want to do it to prove haters wrong,” Betty responds, teasing on what’s to come as Kyallo Kuture explores, among other things, the sisters’ love lives. 

Betty, whose much-publicized marriage to fellow news anchor Dennis Okari ended after only six months, has attracted controversy about her dating life, while Mercy’s has been described as a mysterious mess. 


Episode one also exposes rifts between Betty and Mercy as Gloria seeks to distance herself from this conflict even as she’s taken down memory lane to their childhood home in Kahawa West. 

Over the 13 weekly episodes, Kyallo Kulture will also explore tragic events like Betty’s accident that left her with a crooked smile and scars that impacted her confidence for years, as well as parenthood where Betty opens up, for the very first time, what it means to be in the limelight while nursing a child in the ICU.

In an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Mercy Kyallo said she was going to be very candid about who she is, revealing that fans are going to see a very different side of her and her sisters.

“Until now, you’ve seen Betty's glamorous side and the beautiful Betty on screen as a news anchor. Now, you’re about to see her funny side,”


“I was scared to do a reality show because with a show like this, you have to be vulnerable but she brings so much humour to the show that I feel very comfortable putting myself out there.”