Willy Paul at Kiss Fm Studios
Willy Paul at Kiss Fm Studios

Obinna seems to have a crush on singer Jovial. This is after the Kiss FM presenter said he's not happy at how Pozze is behaving with Jovial.

Obinna was speaking to Quellie Odero who is holding it down for Kamene On The Morning Kiss.

'So since when have Willy Paul and Jovial started dating,' asked Quellie

"Since Willy Paul bought a Matatu. You know ladies don't like broke men, so when Willy Paul bought a Matatu like this, Jovial fell in love," said Obinna

Obinna says the two might be doing some publicity stunts for a song.

"Mimi sijafurahia. Kama ni wimbo watoe wimbo, hii maneno ya kushiska shika watu hivi sitaki. Unajua alishikashika Alaine hivyo kimchezomchezo." (I am not happy. If its for a song, they should just release it. I don't like the way they are touchy touchy.)

Obinna went on to refer to Pozze by his aka 'bwana mkunaji' as Quellie said Obinna is a bird of the same feather as Pozze.

He asked Jovial to stop character developing him.

This comes just days after Pozze unveiled his new matatu business.

"Today I launched my third business, take time to watch this clip and see what this young man has been up to. The van is available for hire. A driver will be provided for you... 

I'm a happy man today, #matyapozze. The front Is only for VIPs where you have your own screen.. we have 4 screens at the back, and the sound is out of this world boss.... book it today and experience the beauty of it," he enthused.

"#matyapozze is available for hire to incase you want to experience sweetness... did you get a party? Send off? Look worry not coz we got you covered. For only 20k you can get this within Nairobi and 30k outside Nairobi.."

At some point, Pozze went to get Jovial from the airport with his Matatu.