who was restricted from entering a club.
Winnie Nwagi who was restricted from entering a club.
Image: Instagram

Ugandan singer Winnie Nwagi is annoyed by a Kampala-based club, Illusion after she was restricted from entry.

According to Nwagi, she was asked to pay the entrance fee just like anyone else. The singer who was accompanied by her friends returned home before taking to Instagram to rant about the incident.

"An artiste deserves the right to enter into a club," she said

Nwagi went on to say that she was disappointed as the club has been playing her songs.

She said Ugandan singers had the right to walk into clubs and get special treatment like international artistes who are welcomed to the clubs and given VVIP treatment.

Check out fans' reactions;

Sanga_Boniventure: Thought if it's not for her event, she should do some payment

Nancy Locs: Pay to simplify things as an ordinary person period

Watvictoria: I thought the bar is a business, not a friendship party. U have to pay and stop misleading others

Lucysaberr: As long as she’s not the owner, the club has bills to clear too.

Cyrusdxb1: A Child Hood memo β€œDon’t Mix Friendship With Bss.” Hits Hard

Mukama3: When you staged your show, did the people at the gate allow those that came and didn't have money to enter free entrance? Mutujeeko akamanyiro. Guy has to pay workers and bills and taxes. So in a day, if he gets over 10 artists nga they all enter for free. What will he use to clear bills?

Benson-Baguma: Did you allow people to enter free of charge at Lugogo? If No, then pay, totusumbuwa. Lwaki toyagala kusasula πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚