Willy Paul at Kiss FM Studios
Willy Paul at Kiss FM Studios
Image: Kiss FM

Willy Paul has started the year by revealing details of a reality show he alleges to have declined.

The singer said he was not a reality show person adding that he'd need about Ksh 123,550,000 to star in any reality show.

"It's 2023. 1 had to turn down a reality show that's overrated man! Anyway, I'm not a reality show type of person. I got what we call real talent as far as music is concerned. So I don't need such things and if I must be part of such then pay me 1,000 000 $, for now, please go with the affordable brands not me please and I mean this in a good way..."


The singer went on to throw shade at fellow industry mates, "I know they're all waiting for me to drop a song ndio wote wakimbie kutoa. Let me make this clear it's a new year and I'm not competing with anyone but me..."

In another post, he assured Kenyans that he'd be taking over the industry for the next 15 years to come.

"It's about time, what type of song should I release? Who do you wanna see on a pozze feature? I got you covered for the next 15 years fam."