Jackie Chandiru
Jackie Chandiru

Popular Ugandan star Jackie Chandiru famed for her 'Not A Goldigger' hit song says she will not do anything to take away the scars she had as a result of drug abuse.

The former Blue 3 member is a recovered drug addict. While performing in the recently concluded Miss Uganda beauty pageant, Chandiru said; 


"When I look at my scars, I will not do anything to take them away. I keep them because they remind me that I am a winner. I don’t want to lie to you that it was something that I just woke up and quit but it took me a very long time like six years."


Adding, "And when I look at the scars they remind me that I won the battle. It wasn’t out of my own effort but through God who let me know that I was hurting very many people with my addiction."

She said her actions had consequences.


"What I went through is enough and there is no action on this earth that has no consequence. So when you abuse God’s temple which is our body, you have to pay the price. So if sometimes I am insulted about drugs, I know that am paying the price of doing drugs."


Chandiru said that people have always doubted whether she is able to perform without using drugs. 

"What I most times front in my head is that people always have questions about whether I can still perform and be capable of pushing far and that is why I always want to disapprove the public.

I thank God for having helped me to win this drug abuse battle. My family and friends stood by me and saw me overcome the addiction because I wouldn’t perform without first taking an injection."

She was part of the Ugandan all-female group Blu 3 together with Cindy Sanyu and Lilliam Mbabazi.