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Amos Rono, a groom, whose wedding went viral after it was cancelled has blamed Nelly Chepkoech, the woman he was supposed to marry, for the cancellation of the wedding.

Speaking to The Standard, Rono said it was over between them.

“My plans to wed Nelly Chepkoech are over because she was not sincere and only waited until the last minute when she decided to open up and declare she was dating another man," Rono told The Standard.


Rono went on to deny claims that the church had cancelled their wedding. He claimed that Nelly broke the news to their reverend through an SMS, to be given time to make a decision. 

Chepkoech Nelly a 23 year old was supposed to wed Amos, 30 last weekend. 

In a video, Nelly said that the wedding was postponed by their Reverend because it was young love and that they had only dated for a few months. 


She added;

"Today was supposed to be my wedding day, but yesterday, we were told the wedding can't go on because of delays of some letters."

"I'd like to tell social media people I am still at home, with my parents. When we were told we couldn't go on with the wedding, we were all sad, we all cried."

"I am also waiting for the day we will be doing our wedding and I am ready for it. We have been dating since March. The reverend will tell us which day we will do the wedding, he didn't say he cancelled, it was just postponed," she said

Her father said he was ready for the wedding to take place as both families had met and agreed to have the wedding.

"I don't know whether it will continue or it has come to an end but all the same, I trust God that this event will continue in the near future. People have commented on social media that my daughter had deserted the place, my daughter is here."

Screenshots believed to be from the couple's Whatsapp wedding group are going viral. 

"Hi everyone hope you're fins. Thanks for your generous support towards Amos and Nelly's wedding. This is an official communication to our members here and public at large. Our scheduled wedding planned for tomorrow has been postponed until further notice. We will communicate to you and sorry for the inconveniences. Thanks for your understanding," read one of the message

Another message read;

"Good morning friends, many friends of Amos and Nelly are calling me asking why the wedding was postponed. The main reason is Nelly requested to be given more time."


"The church and the parents from both sides considered her request. Thanks for understanding."