If he ain't an asset I'm staying single-Elsa Majimbo on why she loves rich boys

The digital content creator maintained she feels the union should be a beneficial one otherwise there is no point in wedding at all

Elsa Majimbo

Elsa Majimbo, the US-based Kenyan content creator and internet sensation known for her sharp wit and hilarious videos has released a video detailing why it is paramount for her to wed in a rich family.

The 22-year-old internet sensation has been on multiple occasions seen on record highlighting the importance of money and noting how she always deep down knew she'd be successful and rich.

And now that she has it all, she wants to double it all.


Sharing on her favourite social media app (I mean it helped her blow up and finally move out of Kenya) TikTok, Elsa went on to detail why she would never get married to a man who was not wealthy.

The digital content creator maintained she feels the union should be a beneficial one otherwise there is no point in wedding at all... love regardless it seems.

“I will not marry a broke man. I love rich boys! If you are not going to be an asset to me, then I will stay single. I will not have anyone as a liability. I always knew I would marry rich," started off the E! Peoples Choice Award winner without batting an eyelid.

Elsa Majimbo with her boyfriend
Image: Twitter

To help her fans and followers better understand where she was coming from, Elsa walked down memory lane highlighting that "marrying rich" was something she has always fancied from way back when she was just but a toddler.

Without an ounce of shame Elsa recalled how she knew deep in her heart from a young age one way or another she'd end up rich.  Before clarifying that even though money was the highest factor she'd still not be with a spouse who wasn't attractive and whom she didn't actually love.

Wealth, looks, love, these are Elsa's ultimatums for a wedding to happen.


“Since I was a child, I knew very well that whether I’m gonna get rich or not, I would end up rich.

I’m going to marry for love and looks, but I’m also going to marry for money,” added Elsa.

This just adds to Elsa's long list of her wedding demands... but at 22 why is your little brain occupied with all this honestly?

11 months ago Elsa had people mad pressed after she announced she'd never tie the knot with a black man.

“Not only am I going to marry outside my culture, but I’m also going to marry outside my continent." The content creator announced.

She then went on to add it was not because she was a colourist or internalized black hate but because she wanted her kids to enjoy privilege, something that isn't tied with being black.

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