Money isn't something to be ashamed of! Elsa Majimbo opines

Elsa opined being wealthy was nothing to feel bad about, encouraging people to take pride in their wealth

Comedian Elsa Majimbo
Image: Instagram

Elsa Majimbo, the US-based Kenyan content creator and internet sensation known for her sharp wit and hilarious videos is firing back at critics who seem bothered by her lifestyle.

"If you are looking for quiet luxury then you are at the wrong place!" stated the 22-year-old public figure.

Elsa Majimbo went on to recall how overjoyed she was the first time she received her check noting that there and then she knew she was super rich!

She went on to remind people that being wealthy was nothing to feel bad about, encouraging them to take pride in their wealth.

"When I got my first check I said, 'I am rich! I'm rich! Riiich! I do not understand, is money something to be ashamed of? I will scream at the top of my lungs, because that is what we do here!" Said the E! Peoples Choice Award winner.

This comes in a week after Elsa addressed people's claims that money had drastically changed her. In a TikTok video Elsa made it clear that she was never humble to begin with just a victim of circumstances.

"I have seen a lot of comments saying how money has changed me so much. Of course, it has, are you joking? I was never humble; I was a victim of my circumstances. Do you know the difference?" Elsa Majimbo said in part.  

The 22-year-old stated that her financial state had an impact on everything, including how she laughed.

"My net worth went through the roof; that's what happened to the old Elsa. Oh, I am rich; even the laugh is rich," Majimbo noted accompanied by light laughter.

Elsa dropped out of college to purse comedy full term after her peak success during the pandemic period. She found fame by capitalizing on TikTok and Instagram through short skits and parodies of her indulgent lazy life.

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