Anerlisa Muigai is said to be one of the well known rich kids in the country. She is a Keroche heiress, the daughter of Tabitha Karanja and  Joseph Karanja.

On her recent Instagram stories, Anerlisa says she wants to be spoilt too.

"It feels different when your guy comes home and throws you a loose $500 (KSh 563k) from whatever deals he is from making. We enjoy the spoiling too."


She went on to highlight how displeased she is with men eating women's money.

"We are tired of things of people eating our money. May our money rest."

Anerlisa had also touched on the same issue early this year.


"It’s really disgusting to also see people offering to marry me yet you don’t even know me personally. The reality is I am not looking for anybody and I AM NOT FREE!!! And to the 80%F boys in my DM. Try pull up your socks and start working hard for your money. Looking for independent women to take of you is really short term. Women too get tired of taking care of you!!!! If you know, you know. He will never love you for you, he will love you for what you can offer, and once the offers stop, so does his time for you," she wrote

She was married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol but later split. The two are yet to speak bout why their marriage failed.