Ghanaian-American actor Kofi Siriboe is thinking of pulling a Justin Bieber, by proposing to his girlfriend, Sudanese-Australian and Fenty model Duckie Thot.

The actor is one of many fans and celebrities surprised by news of Justin Bieber’s engagement to super model Hailey Baldwin, but that has got him thinking of proposing to Duckie.

The 23-year-old girls trip actor, posted a cryptic message on twitter, insinuating he was thinking of following Bieber’s steps and marry his model girlfriend.

It reads,

“might f**k around & pull a biebs”

His tweet follows a series of cryptic messages and many might not have seen this particular one, but trust us to notice them. A few of them are as follows,

Some fans are already thinking of how cute and beautiful babies they would make should they choose to marry and have babies, while others are bumped about the idea, since their hopes of dating the actor is now slim to none.

the.cinnamon.appleOMG. .They are beautiful together. Their babies though…

yootonna…He was definitely supposed to be putting a ring on this left finger

[email protected] ..Aunty you know you the bomb but kofi is mine I’m sorry


Since his break out in the movie industry, one of three handsome brothers, his career has been steadily going higher and higher and with that came the thirsting of women for him.

Does that mean they were praying someway somehow for the genetically blessed couple to break up? Woow, I mean we wish we could date him, but to wish for his relationship to fail is overdoing it.

Duckie must be doing something right, because up until international women’s day, where Kofi posted a picture of her to celebrate, we didn’t know they were dating and now he’s talking marriage.

Before the confirmation of his relationship, he had been linked to other A list actors from insecure star Issa Rae to his co star from girls trip Tiffany Haddish.

Duckie has also followed him in posting pictures of him without his face showing. But his dog and tattooed arms were a give away.

Should he propose, he would join an ever growing list of young Hollywood celebrities getting engaged in the last couple of months, such as Ariana Grande and Bieber.

Though his would differ, since unlike those who got engaged after a couple of weeks, his would come after months of dating, to the best of our knowledge.

Read and let us know if you’re for team get married or wait for us, not like it would affect his decision, but will give as a sense of hope.

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