Chantelle is in a better place now. Happy, healed and now back in the dating game.

Her last relationship was tough. She confessed she was in a relationship that was both emotionally and physically abusive.

She gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl and she had it rough in the beginning but now things seem to have settled down including her relationship with her baby daddy, Ephy Saint.

Chantelle took to social media with a post confessing that she had forgotten what it meant to date someone because it has been a while.

Haven’t been on a date in over a year and a half. The other day someone asked me out on a date and I freaked out. Mainly because I have forgotten how to date 😭

In as much as her heart is open to meeting Mr. Right, she is scared. After giving birth in physical and emotional pain and worse, to a serious breakup, she wants to know how to handle it.

I always talk about meeting the right man for me someday but the truth is I’m super scared and I don’t even know how I’ll talk to this man 😂😂 Single moms who have faced the same challenge of dating after birth after heartbreak how did you do it? 😂😂

She dated Ephy Saint who she claimed cheated on her and Ephy mentioned that he had been denied the right to see his daughter but now they seemed to have worked through things.

Ephy Saint sends Chantelle Petite an emotional peace message

Chantelle even did a photoshoot courtesy of Ephy’s production company and they looked amazing.

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