Nazizi hirji formerly of Necessary noiz group featuring Wyre the love child, became the latest celebrity to see her birthday plans messed by the current coronavirus pandemic.

Nazizi turned 39 on Monday and despite being forced to stay at home, the  ‘Bless my room’ hitmaker posted a couple of her childhood photos looking all chubby and cute, as she fantasized how she would be having mad fun at the moment.

She reveals that her main goal this year before crossing joining the fourth floor battalion was to wake up on an island at an indisclosed location. 

The current unprecedented events forced Nazizi to cancel all her fancy trip after the hotel she had booked became a quarantine hotel.

She wrote;

Roots daughter Earthstrong giving thanks to the most high I get to see the last year in my 30s. I chose this pic because that’s my birthday mood with the world on lockdown. I was going to wake up on the island but I chose to cancel all plans plus the hotel I booked became a quarantine hotel

The singer did not however reveal details on how she was going to celebrate her big day at home, but she chose to encourage her adoring fans to put their faith in Jah and stay at home.

With so much uncertainty in this time lets put our faith in the most high JAH and continue to stay at home and wash our hands. Love you all.

Check out some of the birthday messages from her fans and close friends;

Ecejay: Happy birthday Naz…You’re simply the best wangu, keep shining keep rising, here to wish you everything good and good health wangu. I love you!

Kazkarenlucas: Big big love

Bamzigi: Happy birthday Zizi

Anyikowoko: Were you always crying my love? You are so amazing and I thank God for you! Blessings to you! May the new year be fab and filled with more wins!! Nakupenda Naz

Kwambox: You are your mommy’s daughter. Full circle. We love baby girl.