Tanasha Donna decided to finally try and address the real reason behind their break up with Diamond Platnumz.

Over the weekend, she decided to go live on Instagram but from the comments, she totally failed to give her fans what she promised to deliver. If you did not tune in, I am going to give you a glimpse of what was going on.

Now, contrary to the government’s directive for people to stay home, Tanasha was in a house full of friends who were quite lit.

We could see a lot of alcohol on the kitchen counter so they were sorted in that department.

The likes of Shaq The Yunging and Barak Jacuzzi were seen in the kitchen for the most part of the live. They were preparing a meal with the help of some of Tanasha’s female friends.

At least you now have a picture painted for you, let us now dive into the details of the content.

She has mentioned she will address a lot and what more did we expect other than tea on her and Diamond.

‘I am moving in next week’ Tanasha Donna completely cuts ties with Diamond (VIDEO)

Shock on all of us, all she did was ask for song requests and a few live one on one with her celebrity friends.

“I know a lot of you guys wanna know a lot about what went down on my relationship and my personal life I know that is why most of you are actually tuned in on this live. Well, this is something I am not really ready to go public with just yet you know. It is something very personal. Ermm, everyone has their won timing for coming out with such stories,” Tanasha shared

She went on to add that when the time is right for her, she will talk about the whole situation.

So I really did not come here to talk about what happened in my previous relationship and what went down. I am here to talk about my upcoming project and uplift people and I am here to talk to different celebrities and entertain people as I answer all the questions.

The other thing people noticed on Tanasha’s live was she was not with her son yet it was past 7 pm, which is when the curfew in Kenya starts.

And based on how Kenyans were beaten on Friday last week, I know no one wants to make a mistake and be found out past 7 pm.

Tanasha made it clear that,

Nasseb Junior is home. Actually right now I am not so far from home so he’s good you know.

More to all this, she mentioned she is moving into her own house this week. Clearly the babe has moved on.

From us here at Kiss 100, is all the best Tanasha Donna.

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