Mwanaume ni wallet, sura wachia mbuzi. That seems to be the mantra East Africans have ascribed to Zari. Why? Because King Bae has reportedly been unmasked and he has a strong face.

You see, when Zari left Diamond, she decided to publicize not only the breakup but the relationship she got into afterwards. Zari announced to the world that she had a new man whom she dubbed King Bae.

This man was the stuff of dreams. He has the mettle of a child, constantly cowering and running away from the camera while he has the wallet of a king.

Zari opens up about King Bae in latest interview

The man is as sensitive as a prepubescent lad about any media attention but has no problem with “featuring” in some of her photos…

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Anyway, Tanzanians unveiled a man who posed for a photo with Zari the two looked extremely close. Too close for comfort at that. And the one thing all Tanzanians want you to focus on is that the man is strong in the face. Check out the hilarious photo below:

And Zari is not taking this nonsense as a joke. She came out breathing fire.

And shout out to ivy Muthoni for spotting this gem of a story. You can imagine just how much we laughed when she shared this photo.