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Most of us just know YouTube as just a music/video app.


However, the video platform has over the years added so many features and tools that you’re probably missing out on that add to the experience. 

Below are a few fun facts about the app that are guaranteed to make your experience better.


1) Share a Specific Part of a Video       

Saw something hilarious and you want to share the video but it’s too long or the other parts aren’t as funny, I have the answer for you.

You can actually just share only the part of the video that you want.

You just need to add a timestamp at the end of the original URL: Once you click Share under a video on the web interface, you’ll see a "Start at" in the box right below where the link is displayed.

Image: Hannie Petra

In the box, you can tick and enter the time you want the video to start when someone clicks on the link you've sent. 

2) Loop videos 

So your favourite artist just released a new song or you're multitasking and you can't keep on clicking replay, worry not you can loop YouTube videos for one hour.

The feature may not be in plain sight but it's very easy to find.

Right-click on the video itself and the Loop option will be displayed.

On mobile, tap on the video clip on its individual listing page, then tap the three dots on the top right and the option to Loop video will be available.

3) Keep Watching Across Devices

It's cool that YouTube lets you sync your viewing across multiple devices as long as you’re signed in.

But what is way cooler is the fact that if you were watching something on your mobile and then switch to the website, on your laptop you'll notice a small mini-player show up in the corner of the screen.

This is a highlight of the video you were watching on your phone, thus you can pick up where you left off.

4) Limit Your Time on YouTube

Let's say you're addicted to pranks/ watching Indians build things in the middle of the forest and you're really trying to curb this.

YouTube understands and it has got you covered.

Image: Hannie Petra

Tap your profile image in the top right corner, then select time watched and scroll down the page.

You'll see options from reminding you to take a break, to sending you a notification at a designated bedtime, and on top of that you can turn autoplay on or off.

Hope these little tricks will help make your experience on the app so much better and more enjoyable.

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