Spending a night or five in a fancy hotel room just has a different feel to it. Well, it does not have to be extra fancy as long as you like it. 

I know when leaving you'd like to carry a few souvenirs to remind you of the stay or you just find them pretty and want to carry them home with you, well here is the good news your bill covers the cost of complimentary items from the hotel.

Below is a list of items you can pack and carry ( without feeling like a thief) from your hotel room: 


Toothpaste/ Mouthwash

You can call customer service and have them bring you an extra toothbrush/ paste to your room. 

If the hotel gives you a bottle of mouthwash, it is yours to keep.


Beverage items

The chocolate- tea or coffee packets are good in size and can be used when you are short of them. And yes, you can carry all of the packets in the tray as well as the artificial sweetener, milk powder, and sugar to your home.

 Bathroom Slippers

These are yours for the taking.

You can actually request another pair for taking home with you if you please 

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See the cute branded hotel pen and the leaflet notebook next to your bed stand or at the study table?, Those are yours to carry home, guilt free.

Ps: no, you can't go with the Bible that is hotel property. 


The lotion, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, soaps, sewing kits, shaving kits and shower caps are yours for the taking. Whether you use them or not these are yours for the taking. 

Sadly you can not carry the plush bathroom robes, towels, and other linens.

I know the texture of the cotton is beyond amazing plus the robes just fit so snugly but those are not for the take.

If you are itching to take something home with you and it is not on this list please do confirm with the receptionist before you land yourself a police case/ find yourself blacklisted from a chain of hotels.

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