How to survive in Nairobi without a job

Jobs come with a sense of stability and when lost one can easily be thrown off course puzzling about the next step of action.

Nairobi city
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Having no job, yet living in the city can be quite strenuous and a joy killer. 

The truth is that money allows room for luxury and simple joys e.g. house cleaning services, and random trips to nowhere and anywhere.

Adjusting part of your life to eliminate these things will make it a lot easier for the little/not enough money to last.

In that spirit, I've assembled some tips on how to survive in the city without a job. 

1. Living with other people

This could mean living with a friend or moving back in with parents.

Finding a rent-friendly house can be a hard nut to crack.

The main benefit of living with others is splitting the expenses, it will make the 'burden' more bearable.

Living with parents means you get the benefit of living in a space with electricity, internet, food, etc. and you won’t have to financially contribute to that costs

2. Reselling 

when one has money, everything looks good, it's fitting, it is perfect and it's affordable.

Only to look back and see a lot of 'junk' that has accumulated and is not necessary.

Perfect situation and scenario, to fix the situation we are in.

Clothes can be resold as thrift pieces that easily sell out, you are left wondering, 'do you mean all this time money has been accumulating dust?

Some things also that had been previously purchased should be in the waiting bay ready for shipment.

3. Establishing a Budget

This means no excuses for little purchases.

Look at what you think of a need and reevaluate, this means canceling out some things while wincing.

If you make your money through something like eat-outs and some online subscriptions, then the answer might very well be No.

4. Look out for new sources of income

Everything really has its lasting period and so do tough times.

A little faith, in actively keeping an eye out for new sources of income will go a long way.

Making that phone call, or offering a service that you would do even though previously you had been shut out.

5. Make a job out of your hobby

Popular hobbies that could become careers include musician, writer, actor, gaming, spa services, and now content creation which is the new norm.

By putting the word out through social media, or friends let people have a way of reaching out in case one needs the services even if it's freelancing.

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