Even idling isn't affordable anymore-Obinna

Kamene and Obinna examine Raila Odinga's pledge of drastic reforms in his first 100 days in office should he form the government.

kamene and Obinna in Studio
Kamene and Obinna kamene and Obinna in Studio
Image: Instagram

Kamene and Obinna examine former prime ministers' pledges to lower the cost of living within 100days.  

ODM leader and Azimio la Umoja presidential flagbearer, Raila Odinga has pledged drastic reforms within his first 100 days in office should he form the government.

“Kenyans are always sad because of the problems we face. We will work to ensure plenty is found within our borders. I will take you to Canaan, which is the world of plenty,” Raila promised. 


Do you think Baba is biting more than he can chew?

Kamene and Obinna help us dissect the intensity of the matter or if you believe the claim.

Did you know even idling is no longer affordable? 


"Kamene there is nothing that is affordable now, even idling,

Kamene got on board as she proposed the motion

"Aaaaah! who can afford to idle? Aty ushikwe na njaa ovyo ovyo, its too expensive,"

Obinna took us down memory lane as he reminded us of the days one could easily find money on the roads. It was the norm. 

Come to think of it, when is the last time you collected or saw money dropped on the streets?

"I always share this story with my kids of when I was young and I could be walking and find 50bob or 20bob or the hexagonal five bob and they always ask which road?" Obinna reminisced.

"People had money to lose, now we are bearing making ends meet," Kamene gave her sentiments.

"The only thing we are losing is ourselves," Obinna summed it up.

Netizens on Twitter shared their 2 cents on the same as they tweeted;

@Felixom34419514: Kitendawili is promising undeliverables. He is the defacto DP. Why not do it now together with his handshake brother?

@thelastPM: Laptop na tablets ndio hizo ziko UG zikiwawa bei ya jioni. In 100 days the only thing that will have changed is the weather.

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