Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kiss FM presenter Obinna handled a case on live radio where a listener, Christopher, asked the presenter to ask the mother why she kicked him out of her house.

“Call my mum and ask her why she’s kicked me out of her house?" said Christopher.

The mother was upset for being blasted on the radio but exposed her son for being lazy at his age,


"Chris amesema wewe ni mama yake mbona umemfukuza kwa nyumba (Chris says you are his mother but have chased him out of the house)" Obinna said.

The mother explained;


"Why did this boy call on the radio with my name? I don't want to hear anything about him. He is a 39-year-old who lives in my house and eats free. I pay rent for him and there's nothing he contributes to. He should go and work. I don't want stupid things in my house. He calls on the radio while he's the one on the wrong!"


In a past conversation on The Morning Kiss, Obinna said that he was thrown out of his parents' house when the time came for him to move out.

I was reading a newspaper today, and they are saying that people should move out of your parent’s house when you are stable, they are saying that every time on social media there are conversations on when you should move out as others say that when you hit an age limit while a couple of votes said only when you get your first job," Obinna said.

Adding “For me, I was thrown out and others as well due to situations, I am always the one for if you don’t try, you will never know. Unless your parents have so much money, then you aren’t chased out but escorted out…

If someone did something and you want to know why they did it?