Top counties where women love the 'botty'

Kamene and Obinna evaluate the top ten counties where women are drinking more alcohol than men, Nairobi being number one.

Kamene and Obinna in studio
kAMENE AND OBINNA Kamene and Obinna in studio

Kamene and Obinna look over the list of counties where women are leading in alcohol consumption.

Surprisingly, women are beating men at a game that was previously perceived as their arena. 

"Clearly women are beating the man-dems (men) in this competition of nani anaweza tia ndani, tia ndani (who can gulp down, gulp down)," Kamene started.


There are counties where women are making wine and spirit vendors smile all the way to the bank.

one thing about Nairobi is that it will take the lead position in whatever competition it is challenged to. 

"Top on the list is Nairobi, followed very closely by the full rieng city Nakuru city," Kamene said as she chuckled.


Obinna coming in with the commentary

"Weuh! Nakuru number two! madem wa kaptemba ni stima."

"Number three ni kina nani (who is number three)? wasee wa (people of) Kiambu massive," Kamene tabled.

Seems Kiambu babes are in a class of their own.

"Aiyaiyah! Kiambu walikuwa wanafaa kuwa (ought to be) number one" Obinna reputed.

Kisumu was not about to be left out of the top five. Nah!

"But how are you going to live Dala out at number four? Kisumu is number four,"  Kamene carried on.

"And wrapping up the top five ya madem wanajua kukunywa pombe ni madada wa Mombasa, (of ladies that know how to guzzle alcohol are sisters from),"  she said 

"La hau la, Aisha doo doo," Obinna chimed in really having fun while at it.

"So we have our top five, Nairobi, Nakuru, Kiambu, Kisumu, Mombasa, you guys are drinking more than the men."Kamene highlighted.

Where is Nyeri on the list? coming right up.

"Number six Uasin gishu, number seven Nandi (Eldoret), number eight Kericho, number nine surprisingly enough is Nyeri, I thought I would see Nyeri at the top," Kamene paused.

"Topping up the top 10 most women drinking counties is Machakos," she said

"Hawakunywi maji wanakunywa pombe (they don't take water, they take alcohol)," Obinna said in a Kamba accent in conclusion. 

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