Justina Wamae has explained why she keeps her family private
Justina Wamae and Mpasho's Dennis Milimo. Justina Wamae has explained why she keeps her family private
Image: Mpasho

Former Roots Party deputy Presidential candidate Justina Wamae has revealed why she keeps her family private.

In an interview with Mpasho’s Dennis Milimo, Wamae claimed that she held her family in the highest regard and that she was unprepared for the social media sleuthing of Kenyans.

"Family for me is sacred and with the way Kenyans bash people, I prefer them to know I am married, we are in the same business, and I have a 3-year-old, but all the other details acha sasa wanijue in the public light."

She stated that although she is a co-owner of the business, she also receives a salary.

"I am a co-owner but am employed as I draw a salary from there," she said as she giggled.

Justina recalled that her husband was very supportive as she emphasized the importance of involving one's partner in decision-making.

"2017 when I was running (constituency level), I made my own decisions, every woman who is single, you can make your own decisions, bila kuomba ruhusa.

The young politician went down the memory on how things were different between 2017 and 2022.

"In 2022, I was married, and I remember saying in an interview if my husband hangenipea ruhusa, singekubali. Assuming if I left na kichwa ngumu niseme it's my vision, and then it is written nimepatiwa accommodation, your guess is as good as mine about my family.

"It's good when you are married to know it's a family vision and whatever you do affects the family,". 

Adding that;

"I am so happy sikutoka kichwa ngumu, I had the blessing of my husband, he has been there on the campaign trail and doubled up to be my driver."

With her parents, though, it wasn't all, 'we are so proud of you,' 'go for it,' Justina says it was chaotic.

"My parents tulikosana vibaya sana, kwanza maneno ya bangi. My dad sings in the choir, kama baba ako choir, na mama?

It was a personal struggle for me, tulikosana na wao juu ya agenda ya bangi."

She was happy to note that later on, they got on board and supported her as they understood it was not for consumption but commercial purposes.

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