Professir George Wajackoyah and his son
Image: Courtesy: Facebook

Presidential aspirant, Professor George Lunchiri Wajackoyah, has become a nationwide sensation especially since the launch of his manifesto.

The Roots party presidential candidate has attracted a huge number of followers, with most of them being youths and young adults who tend to believe in the professor’s vision.

From being a professor in the field of law to a presidential aspirant, I have taken part in understanding the impressive resume not leaving the fact the he is a family man.


In addition, from an interview with Citizen TV, Professor George Lunchiri Wajackoyah made the highlight that he has a wife and children who live abroad.

"I have children and an American wife. She lives in the United States and our grown-up kids live in the United Kingdom," he said adding that he can't wait for them to take part in his career, since they already have acquired their Kenyan citizenships.

Below are photos of his wife and children:


Wajackoyah's enticing manifesto, which includes legalising and selling marijuana, suspending the constitution for 6 months, and smoking bhang at State House, just to name a few, are among the captivating promises that enticed Kenyans.

Just last week, he spoke about his plans on introducing snake farming in the country, as a  strategy for increasing government revenue and clearing the ballooning debts.

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