Professor Wajackoyah
Image: The star

Professor George Wajackoyah’s supporters have come out to express their disappointment after the IEBC denied the aspirant access to run for president come August 2022, after he failed to meet one requirement.

The decision was made on Monday when the independent election and boundaries commission summoned each presidential aspirant to submit their votes from different counties.

On The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Obinna discussed the loss of their ‘favourite’ presidential aspirant as they debated what’s next for the ambitious man.


So yesterday your boy Wajackoyah went to the IEBC to present his papers, signatures and of course, his certificate, and apparently his team didn’t reach the threshold. He has been given the chance to I think June the second to deliver the needed signatures and to my surprise, he is happy and believes that his running mate and he will deliver the needed signatures,” started Obinna.

Upon hearing that, Kamene bantered, asking all Wajackoyah supporters to gather around the signature stations and sign to push Wajackoyah’s dream to State House.

On the contrary, Obinna questioned the professor with his team after submitting signatures from 17 countries from the agreed 24 arguing that even when a student fails to do the assignment, they don’t show up to school.


He only submitted 17 counties from the agreed number and he even pulled up to the event and am like Kamene if you haven’t done the assignment you don’t show up to school,”  Obinna argued.

Kamene countered the argument by saying that ‘Jah’ will provide the rest of the required signatures.

Check out the video conversation below:

According to the professor, his baseline manifesto is to legalise marijuana, farm the product just like Rwanda, then sell to earn profit that will later help to clear off Kenya’s debt.

However controversial the manifesto might be, the country can invest in the product, industrialize it then export to make huge quick money to clear the debt, which according to Kamene is a ticking time bomb. Nonetheless, the presenter didn’t advocate for the legalisation of marijuana.

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