Kenyan lady called out after describing fantastic Luhya man

The woman confirmed that they are romantic but...

during a crimson sky
A couple enjoying a date during a crimson sky
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The dating pool in Kenya is quite large and provides social media with fodder to discuss it.

One Kenyan lady lit up the internet after detailing her experience dating Luhya men.

The description and eventual reason for parting ways with a Luhya man told of her heartbreak.


In a viral comment on Twitter, user Bianca Wamu eloquently described men from Western.


"I have ever dated a luhya guy and I think Luhyas are," she started.

Bianca listed 6 attributes of the mentioned men, that got reactions online.

She said that they were;


1. Romantic


2. Gentle and loving,

3. Faithful and loyal

4. Intelligent and Smart.

5. Very Attentive,

6. Handsome and Neat

Bianca was challenged to then tell why she left him in spite of him having such wonderful qualities.

@First70941801·What made you part with him yet he had all those good characters?

@Biancawamu2· "Love and interest huisha," she responded.

Another Kenyan could not believe that Bianca left him as well. 

Bianca said "Yeah, We mutually agreed to part ways."

And of course another Kenyan was curious about unmentionable matters

@ArapChepsit·How about performance.

Bianca praised her ex on this matter "Very good indeed,"

As goes with anyone who has been dumped or broken up, a Kenyan will always shot their shot.

A man told Bianca he is ready to step up to the plate and it's not too late to chose a man from the same community. 

@edson_ashihundu·We can continue from where my brother left.

Then unsolicited advise was offered to Bianca.

@Enockboss11·Luhya are White nights marrying single mothers

@Thruthisfreedom·Bianca u are a strong independent woman, to find a man who understands how to navigate ur kind is very hard. Men mostly misinterpreting ur natural self as a competitor to headship. Society is raising boys & not men. Boys who cry, complain, gossip etc more than their wives.

@lauraudinov·They are traditional and will marry two other wives after you or rather sire other children outside marriage

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