Possible reasons a celeb like Vivian would chop of her hair

The celebrated musician has shocked fans with her move to completely cut off all her hair cut

celebrated singer Vivian has gone bald
celebrated singer Vivian has gone bald

Celebrated singer Vivian has joined a host of Kenyan celebrities cutting off their hair.

The mother of one is no longer spotting her trademark look. She revealed her bald look with an explanation two days ago;


"When a woman goes bald 👩‍🦲 … she has shed off negativity!"


Vivian was also inspired by something else.

"I realized that no matter what I did or what I said and how unprepared I was for the changes in my life that it was completely above my power."


Her celebrity pals hailed her style. Some of those comments are below;


nycewanjeriUnakaa poa 😍😍

maureenwaitituWow! I love this look on you Vivi!😍😍

kambuamuzikiYou look amazing

christinewawiraI love it!! 7 years bald for me and I still love it! You look 🔥🔥🔥

Another celebrity who cut her dreadlocks is Carrol Muthoni aka Sonnie. The baby mama to comedian Mulamwah. 

A month ago Carrol unveiled her look in a cute video, signalling a new beginning coming from numerous online feuds with Mulamwah.


"Tumenyoa tuone Kama mambo itaenda Sawa😂😂 Anyways, new look loading...."

Sonnie asked for reviews about her big chop. "New season, new beginning and new looks♥️😍 how is it??"

Below are possible reasons for haircuts :

One possible reason a lot of women shave their hair is if they are coming off of a bad relationship.

The cutting of hair signifies a new day in her life, leaving that man she no longer has feelings for.

Another explanation for cutting off the hair is to be free of societal misconceptions.

This is a way to feel more like her inner self on the outside, but also something of a statement against conforming to society's ideas of what women should look like.

It is also a way to test her braveness. Many a times women want to prove they can be something else.

Women also shave their hair to show solidarity; for instance with a friend or ailing family member.

It could also be a woman playing around with a variety of hairstyles to elicit a reaction from her crush. He is most likely to comment if she repeatedly tries out different looks.

It just feels liberating as well. 

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