Ugandan man has been deceiving men that he's a woman

The woman was frog marched to a police station and forced to undress to prove he is a man

Ida Odinga's body guard has been shot dead in Kisumu.
Crime Scene. Ida Odinga's body guard has been shot dead in Kisumu.
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Uganda is a trending topic in Kenya, a few weeks after General Muhoozi's beef with Kenya.

Why? A man who has managed to deceive scores of men that he is a woman has been exposed.

The individual said to be a Ugandan national has deceived so many men with his feminine looks. 


The photo of the man has been trending since Tuesday November 1 with even former Governor, Mike Sonko blasting him.

"Imagine this cute woman is a man. Amekuwa akitoanisha wanaume pesa na kuwakunywa wakitaka kwenda na yeye anawatoshanisha ati ako na periods. Wanaume walioekwa box wakashanga kwani ni periods gani hizo haziishi kila siku. Wampangia and reported him to the police. Akawaiwa."

Many others agree with Sonko's thoughts. Some of the thoughts are below;


In a video circulating online, the woman/man is undressed in a police station as her identity is unearthed.

She is left wearing an under garment that clearly shows it is a man.

What many are impressed with is the womans/mans facial features which appeared so feminine. People are saying this is how he got away with fooling men.

@nelvinagnes2·It's so sad, to be humiliated by officers, but evidence is needed.

Others are protesting the undignified treatment of a criminal inspite of the offense.

@universalhawk·In the process of unmasking his criminal behavior, his rights of dignity and decency has been violated by the same people who are supposed to protect them, in a normal situation, that camera was not necessary! His story could have been told without undressing him!

Another woman echoed the same thought

@alice_kanyana·This is not right, even though he is a thief, nobody has a right to make him go naked in front of camera and public. This is so wrong!

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