5 things to watch out for while attending concerts this festive season

Leave home a happy soul and watch out for yourself to get back home a happy soul

This festive season just like every other festive season has a line up of concerts to attend and make merry.

However, many dont go back home as happy as they left, others dont even make it back home at all.

Here are some of the things to watch out for while attending concerts this December:

1. Secure concert grounds

A number of times there have been reports that some grounds are more secure than others.

If a concert is taking place where the grounds asre not secure, there are repeated incidences of mugging and even death, opt to love yourself more and watch the concert from your television.

2. Company of friends

There are friends who during the first hours of familiarizing with the event, they are all good with you since you are sober.

Once the liquor starts to kick in and you start to have impaired judgement, they leave you or begin to take out their phones, record you and paste you all over social media.

Be very wary of such company of friends.

3. Drugging Drinks

Once you open your drink, do not take it out of your hand or leave it on the table to come back to it and continue drinking.

Not everybody has good intentions. Some are there to benefit from you. They will spill a drug in your drink popularly known as "mchele" and probably the next time you are back to consciousnessTHEY SHOU is days after the event.

4.Avoid strangers

With people you do not know, it is hard to tell what they are up to.

You cant even tell the values they uphold.

That is why one should keep off from them at all costs to avoid instances such as, theft, rape and even kidnapping.

5. Suspicious transport services

Theare are drivers who work in transport service companies but their intentions are to kidnap people and steal from them.

Whenever you have ordered for transport via social media platform, make sure the  driver and car number plate match the descriptions on the mobile application to avoid putting your life at risk.