10 things men should watch out for before making a marriage proposal

Have you done your research fully before making that move


1. Mutual feeling of love

Before making a marriage proposal, make sure both of you are on the same page and are taking the next step for the same reasons.

2. Family relations.

Do your research on her family background.

Is she in good and healthy relations with her family members? if not, has she tried resolving issues?

3. Her reactions to different situations.

When she is angry, how does she react. Does she have a bad temper and a foul mouth? Does she let things pile up issues and pretend to let them slide? or does she wait when you are in private for you to talk out your issues sober minded.

Does she threaten to commit suicide?

4. How she treats people who cannot help her.

How does she treat people who are of a lower social class than hers.

How does she treat the house help, the nanny, the security guard' the cook, the cleaner.

Does she treat them with respect even when they are on the wrong?

5. Her attitude when you go broke

Not all days are Christmas days. Sometimes you go broke and your fiancee is your support system.

How then does she treat you when you are broke? Does she trash you or encourage you to work smart and that all will be well with time.

6. Her type of friends.

Friends play a big role in the social life of human beings.

They help even shape your character.

Are her friends the type of people she can confide in or are they the ones who are jealous of her and influence her to make the wrong decisions.

7. Family oriented

By the time you have considered you are going to spend the rest of your life with the lady of your dreams, what is her take on bearing and raising children?

Does she want as many children as you want? or does not want children at all

8. Future goals

A wife is someone every man wants to build an empire with.

Here comes the issue on similar interest.

You may be in a different career from hers, but what are her future goals?

Do they include you?

9. Hard worker or Slay queen

You do not want to cohabit a lazy wife.

In that case, does your woman strive to make money to better her life and that of her future family, or does she wait for you to make money just for her to spend all of it on shopping and girls night out.

10. God Fearing

A relationship works better when ordained by God.

Does she love God? Is she a church goer? Will your children be raised in a religious home?

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