A date
Image: StockSnap from Pixabay

First dates predict the outcome of whether there is going to be a relationship or not.

Some people lose interest after the first date; others develop interest after that date. It is during first dates that people identify the red flags in the other person, or the green flags.

Whether you have been to one or not or you are preparing to go for one, keep in mind you are not there to please the other party.

Listen to yourself and ask if you like them.

In addition, here are some rules to consider while on a first date.

Be punctual

Put an effort to be on time.

Do not keep the other party waiting unless you had communicated earlier.

Avoid judgement

Give your date the benefit of the doubt and avoid jumping to conclusions while having your conversations.


Sometimes it is about what’s not being said rather than what’s being said.

This also allows your date to talk.

Avoid using your phone

They might think you are bored. If you are expecting an emergency call let them know first-hand.

Have money on you

Be financially prepared to either split the bill or for any emergency.

Do not catfish someone

Since online dating has now become a thing, be sure to let the person know your body size before meeting the physically to avoid catfishing them.

Be prepared

Have a set of questions to ask.