A beautiful black woman.

Mini twists are among the protective hairstyles specially designed for afro-textured hair.

They protect the ends while promoting hair growth.

You can have them installed in the salon, or at home.

It is recommendable to have them done at the salon, as installing them yourself can be quite tiring.

If you decide to on the latter, here are the steps to follow:


Use the shampoo that fits your hair porosity to wash and clean your hair and scalp.


Deep condition your hair using a detangling conditioner since you will be wearing twists for a while. Partially dry your hair.


Moisturize your hair to make the sectioning process less tedious. Depending on the length of your hair, have the hair in four sections and separate the sections using clips.

Hair butter

Identify the section you want to start with and isolate it from the others. Apply hair oil or hair butter to smoothen it.

Remember to consider your hair porosity while choosing the butter.

Subsection &Twisting

Sub-section your hair into boxes or squares depending on the size of twists you desire and start twisting.

Part the sub-section into mini sections and twist from the root to the ends applying a mini twist- pill to prevent your hair from unravelling at the roots.

Twirl of finger coil the ends to stay in place.

Twist in a downward motion to have the twists lay flat.

Repeat the process for all sections.

If the sections are dry by the time you get to start working on them, spray some water onto the hair on that section.