Martha Karua
Image: Courtesy

Martha Karua was on Monday, May 16th announced as Raila Odinga's running mate at the KICC.

At the event, Martha was spotted wearing a new hairdo called sisterlocs.

Sisterlocs are much thinner than traditional dreadlocks and are weaved into the hair with a patented tool rather than hand-rolled with a product.


To install the hairstyle, it will cost you sh50,000. The install time will take long, with many taking two days to install, so patience is key.

What you also need to know is that it is a journey achieving this look.

When beginning the Sisterloc process, your hair can be either natural or relaxed.  The length to start them can be as short as an inch and a half or longer.


They are maintained using the interlocking method. After the initial installation, your natural hair will grow as usual, and this new growth will need to be incorporated into each loc.

To maintain your style, a consultant will need to interlock the new growth (or additional hair length).

Retightening is another cost you will have to consider and can cost as much as sh7,500.

The style does not cause breakage and thinning. Instead, they state that the technique is gentle to the hair and scalp and fosters hair growth.

The beautiful style was created in 1993 by Dr. JoAnn Cornwell, a well-known pioneer who wanted to create a natural hair care system that celebrates your natural beauty and textured hair.

Benefits of locking your natural hair;

* You will be gorgeous every day

* You will always have a GOOD hair day

* It’s easy to manage

* It allows your hair to flow and grow without heat or chemicals

* You will have easier and shorter wash days

* No more detangling* Great for children

* Your hair stays healthy with proper care

* Your hair grows longer and fuller

* Low maintenance

* Works for vacations, gums, or workdays

* You can still wear your wigs

* Style your locks whatever way you want

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