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When you look to your right a couple, your left a couple, straight ahead a couple.

Your friends are getting married, engaged, and celebrating anniversaries and sometimes this can either make you feel as if you are being left behind or they are moving too fast.

Do you know that cliché saying of when it is your time?


Nicole LePera is a beautiful Philadelphian author of four self-help books as well as a holistic psychologist, one who focuses on the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit.

The author believes that a lot of good can come out of not being tied to someone.

"Being single or choosing not have a life partner can have major advantages," she voiced. 


She explained how the culture normally views single people as lonely or lacking something. 

Have you ever gone to a gathering and your aunties are asking you where is your husband?

You can be in a relationship and still be lonely. These are the 7 benefits of being single:

1. Space to understand yourself.

Being single allows you to be present with yourself thus enabling you to learn your needs and what you most value.

Although sitting by yourself can get a little uncomfortable with all your intrusive thoughts, you need that discomfort to know what your strengths and short comings are.  

2. Freedom to make any decision.

The will to make any decisions for yourself without having to check in with anyone.

If you want to go to the club, you go.

You do not want to come home tonight, you don't.

You still want to eat carbs, you eat. 

It is not that one cannot do this because they are seeing someone, but out of courtesy and respect, it is just a little nice to let your person know of your whereabouts. 

But when you are single, you have nobody to tell.

3. Flexibility to build other types of relationships.

Being single gives you a fair amount of time on your hands if you are not working, and you have already had some time to yourself.

With the rest of that time, you can create a suitable balance to build relationships that are important to you. 

4. Ability to met new people.

"Who is she/he" is no longer a problem. 

Casual experiences without a worry of hurting someone's feelings or how someone will react. 

You can hang around whoever you want whenever you want, and this does not mean that people who are coupled up do not get to do these things, they do, there is just a thin line of what can be defined as disrespectful.

5. Getting practice. 

Getting invaluable experience through one's independence could be a good thing for the singles.

You do not want to end up saying "That is the one that got away" because when they come by you will be ready.

You get to see through other people's relationships what works and what does not, how to have a healthy argument, and how to communicate in your partner's level of understanding.   

6. Freedom to follow a passion without having to check in with someone.

Freedom to follow a passion, a purpose, or a vision without having to check in with someone else.

When you are in a relationship you always have to consider your partner as you would want them to do the same for you.

If their career has relocated them, you would want them to have that conversation with you. You are a team. 

If they want to quit, you would want them to have that conversation with you, to know their next move or what financial restraints may occur.

But when you are on your own, you go to sleep, wake up, lock the door, and go to Dubai.      

7. Freedom to have lifestyle choices.

The habits you choose are not affecting anyone, well except for you depending on the habit.

You can live your life the best way it works for you without making a compromise.

No going to the gym in the name of solidarity.

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