Dorcas Gachagua and Rigathi Gachagua.
Image: Instagram/Rigathi Gachagua.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has told Kenyan men to stop using his statement to deny women their monthly benefits.

In an earlier statement, Riggy G as he is fondly known admitted to giving his wife Dorcas a monthly allowance of 3K for her salon visits.

Gachagua now says couples should stick with what works for them.


" I didn't say you should give your wives KES 3,000 for hair; pea mama ile mmezoeana Stop misusing my statement.

I said I give Dorcas 3K ya salon because she is a pastor and hana mambo mingi. If you were giving your wife 10K do not withdraw. Give her what you are used to. The Constitution does also not allow one to withdraw benefits."

Gachugua was speaking at the launch of the Women Enterprise Fund and the second product of the Hustler Fund at Kenyatta International Convention Center. 

The Second in command called on men to step up and ensure their wives look good. He went on to say he ensures his wife Dorcas shines by giving her money to make her hair. 

He goes ahead to tell men to look for calm women to marry the way he did.

“Look at Pastor Dorcas, I have done my part…it is also important to look for a calm woman. I am so lucky I married a pastor who does not have so many needs. I give her Sh3000 and she is content,” he said.

Adding that “Women should only cover their heads during religious ceremonies in church. On other days they should be pampered, put in hair dryers, and style their hair.”

Riggy G appealed to men to find ways of pleasing their wives or spouses despite the high cost of living giving them tips to make their wives smile.

"You need to take care of your wives. At times just give her 3000 and do not ask her what she will do with it. I'm told that nowadays men are asking for accountability even for 1000 shillings," he said.

He then assured men that the president and the government will improve the economy and make money available for men so that they can spoil their wives by ensuring that all their needs are met.

The deputy president claimed that due to current hardships, women are no longer pampered with trips to the salon leaving them walking around with their heads covered with " vitambas"  adding that he is always happy when his wife Dorcas dresses nicely.