5 ways to style hip dips

Hip dips are natural indentions on a woman's hip

Hip dips
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A woman's body has so many dimples and one of them are the hip dimples commonly known as the hip dips.

According to the urban dictionary hip dips are natural indentions on a woman's hip.

Most ladies see it as a flaw and are insecure about it, some have even turned to working out to get rid of them.

It does work out for some of them and they are able to create an illusion of fully rounded hips but others not even working out can fix it. 

Nevertheless, you are and always will be beautiful.

If you constantly struggle with them and would like to create the illusion of a fuller hip, here are 5 ways that are recommended for styling hip dips:

High waist jeans
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1. High waist jeans.

These are pants that are all they way up to your torso and have a long seam between the crotch and the waist.

This will reduce the appearance of your hip dips as well as your belly poach.

Wide leg pants
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2. Wide leg pants.

Clothes that are tight on your body normally take up the appearance of your bone structure. 

Wide pants do not hold on to your body therefore reducing the visibility of your dips. 

Most wide leg pants such as palazzo or flair pants will have you hips looking good.

At the same time they are comfortable, light and you can easily move around in them.

Pants with slits
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3. Pants with slits.

Make sure those pants have slits anywhere.

Front slits, side slits, back slits, just a slit.

The idea is to create a distraction when someone looks at your outfit. 

As long as they are staring at the slits on your pants their attention is shifted.

By the time they are getting to where your flaws are, you already gone.

A-line skirts
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4. A-line skirts.

An A-line skirt is one that is tight at the waist then widens at the hips.

Lengths do vary, it could be short , long or mid, pick whatever makes you comfortable. 

When it comes to hip dips anything that is wide is your bestfriend. 

This will only prove to be a problem if you do not like wearing skirts.

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5. Cardigans.

Although it is not a type of trouser they do the trick just fine.

Long cardigans neatly fall down to your legs covering up you hips.    

The good thing about this is you can wear those pants you like that show your dips and still look amazing.

Cardigans also seem to give a simple yet classy look. 

Trench coats, kimonos and oversized jackets also fall into this category.   

If worse comes to worse and you do not like any of these solutions, you could always try wearing a body shapers. 

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