How simple baking soda can help you deal with smelly shoes

According to Nike, bacteria are the cause for stinky shoes

Image: Martin Katler for Unsplash.

With the current rainy season, your shoes are bound to easily get soaked which may lead to a stench developing, especially for those who do not have a car, but ipo siku.

A distasteful odour does not only come from shoes that got soaked because of the rains.

It could be one did not let them dry well before putting them on.  


I know sometimes one plans an outfit to only find out that the shoes one wanted to wear did not dry up properly.

Do not wing it, you might end up regretting it. 

Imagine going to a place where you want to get everyone's attention with your fit but you wore soaked shoes.


I guarantee you will get the attention you are looking for, just not the way you wanted it.

Also, one's footwear can develop an odour from being worn continuously throughout the whole day. 

According to global shoewear giant, Nike, bacteria are the primary cause of stinky shoes.

They grow in large numbers on your feet, producing organic acids such as methanethiol, isovaleric acid, and propanoic acid, as waste products.

While these types of bacteria aren’t harmful, they can leave a lingering stink. So how does one deodorize their footwear;

Baking soda is the most ideal way to get rid of stinky shoes however, one cannot pour the product straight into the shoes.

If you have a coffee maker high chance you have a coffee filter, use that. 

If not instead of throwing away the cupcake wrappers, or chewing them for those who like that, you can store them for this particular purpose.

Who knew they could come in handy? Add about two to three tablespoons of baking soda to the wrapper. 

Then add an essential oil of your choice, it could be lemon or tea tree.  

Seal the wrapper up with a rubber band, hair band, string, anything that can hold it tight to avoid spills.

Then place it inside your shoes overnight, the best part about this is that you can be able to use the mixture several times before throwing it out.

Now you can go to people's houses and take off your shoes with confidence.  

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