First Aid tips for someone who has ingested poison

The first thing one should do before anything else is call for help

First Aid tip for poison
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What is a First Aid tip one can use when they come across someone who has consumed poison?

There is a reason why health centers stress people to have a little First Aid knowledge.

First Aid training is normally offered by various institutions such as St John Ambulance, Kenya Red Cross, and Gertrude's Children's Hospital, among others.


The minimum age for one to access the course is 14.

The training prepares you for certain situations and it only takes you up to 7 hours to gain both practical and theoretical training.

It also goes for only Ksh 2,500 and if you are lucky to get a discount it can be Ksh 1,500.  


Imagine how many lives can be saved because one had the knowledge to help someone until the rescue team arrived.

Here is a First Aid tip one can use in case a person has consumed poison;

The most common poison taken by people are dawa ya panya, dawa ya mende and triatrix. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, these products are referred to as OP's (Organophosphates) which are used as insecticides.   

When exposed to someone it causes diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, small pupils, sweating, muscle tremors, confusion, and increased saliva and tear production.

The symptoms occur with immediate effect and can disappear weeks after.

When one comes across someone exposed to dawa ya panya or dawa ya mende the first thing they should do before anything else is call for help.

Then put on gloves and if one does not have any substitute them with a paper bag.   

This is to keep you away from becoming another victim.

Following this, get rid of any clothes that the poison could have come into contact with then pour clean water on the victim.

Lastly, provide them with ash water from charcoal and do not instruct them to vomit whatsoever. 

Most of all, try to get the patient medical help as soon as possible. 

It has not been scientifically proven whether milk and raw eggs are antidotes, but what the two do is induce a lot of vomiting which sometimes can result in more problems for some poisons, one of them being dawa ya panya.  

Raw eggs are however used to make a patient vomit non-corrosive poisons while milk is used to dilute it.  

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