Ghetto Kids.
Image: Instagram/Ghetto Kids.

The Ghetto Kids – formerly Triplets Ghetto Kids – are a dance/music group founded in 2014 by Daouda Kavuma composed of children from the Katwe slums in Kampala, Uganda.

Their name is who they are. Right back in the early years, Kavuma Dauda – their Manager Ticha – was thinking about the idea of “Triplets” – sometimes spelling it as Tripplets – which means the three pillars of their organization: Dance, drama, and music.

Kavuma uses dance to encourage children to enjoy themselves, but his main goal is to provide them with an education so they will have a better future.


The group became an internet sensation after being featured in Eddy Kenzo's 'Sitya Loss' music video.

After Sitya Loss, they went by the name “The Ghetto Kids” because all of them had begun their lives in the ghettos of Kampala, and, rather than run from it, they wanted to show their background with pride and honesty.

Ghetto Kids have continued their performances, touring throughout Africa and beyond. 


The group has provoked the admiration of American artists P. Diddy and Nicki Minaj, and in 2017, the group featured in the clip of French Montana's Unforgettable, launching their success in the United States.

In January 2023, the Ghetto Kids traveled to France to perform at half-time during football club Paris Saint-Germain's home game against Reims at the Parc des Princes where they also met PSG players such as Kylian Mbappé prior to the match.

In April 2023, Ghetto Kids appeared on Britain's Got Talent where new judge Bruno Tonioli gave them the golden buzzer during their performance which is just history since It is usually pressed after the performance. 

The group has a total of 30 kids.

They have won several awards including AFRIMMA for Best African Dance in 2017, the BEFFTA for Best Dance Crew in 2016, the HIPIPO Awards for Trailblazer in 2015, the PAFA for Best Fashion Group in 2017, the AEA - USA for Best Dance Group in 2017, the RIAA Awards USA (2017), and the YouTube Creators Awards (2020).