Zari Hassan with her 5 kids
Image: Instagram

On Monday, Ugandan celebrity entertainer and businessman, Zari Hassan was seen having fun in an entertainment area with her two eldest sons Pinto Tale and Raphael Ssemwanga Jr On Instagram.

The mother of five shared videos and photos of herself and her sons at a luxury club where they were seen having a good time.

In those videos, the three who were also with other friends of Zari's sons seemed to be very happy and the smiles that filled their faces showed that.


In one video, Zari was seen sipping a glass of wine while her eldest son, Pinto Tale, recorded the fun with a phone camera.

Another video showed Raphael smoking shisha while his mother was holding his shoulder.


This was not the first time that Zari was seen with her sons at the club, in the past she had accompanied them to have fun at various clubs and then recorded the events on social networks.


About a year ago, the socialite also showed pictures and videos of her and her sons having fun together in a club.

Having fun with her sons is just one of the many indicators that the socialite has a very close relationship with her children.


A parent having fun with his children without considering the big gap between his age and theirs is not a common thing, especially in Africa.

Besides that, Zari has been seen to be very different from many African parents on how to manage the family's assets and businesses.

The 43-year-old businesswoman has trusted her older sons to a large extent with the management of the business and many assets left behind by her ex-husband, the late Ivan Semwanga.

Early last year, Zari began the process of transferring leadership of Brooklyn City College to her children.

In January last year, the Ugandan native used Instagram to announce that she had appointed her eldest son Pinto Ntale as the new Executive Director of the Academy.

"CEO. training, teach them while they are still young, I can't wait to see him take over the company and manage the finances," Zari said.

Another thing that distinguishes Zari from other parents is how she developed a good partnership with her co-parent Diamond Platnumz.

The two separated in 2018 but that has not stopped them from cooperating well to raise their children Tiffah Dangote and Prince Nillan.

Diamond and Zari's cooperation is markedly different from the way he cooperates with his other co-parents.

This is a sign that the socialite has a unique quality that other former lovers of the Bongo star may not have.

Another indicator of how the socialite develops her family in different African traditional ways is the way she does not find it difficult to introduce new lovers into her life.

Many African mothers have failed to try dating after the death of their husbands or the breakup of their marriages for fear of how society and family will treat them.

After separating from the late Semwanga about eight years ago, Zari has been in more than five other relationships and she usually does not hide her lovers.

However, her relationships have not seemed to interfere with her relationship with her sons.

Many women have not been able to master the secret of jumping from one relationship to another without their children being affected.

Zari has also been able to introduce her children to social media while opening various social media accounts for them when they are still young.

Apart from opening accounts for them, she has also been able to teach them how to use the platforms and how to create worthy content.

This is one of the special ways to create a future for her children because as their accounts continue to gain popularity, they will be able to reap fame and income from it.

These are just some of the things that show that Diamond Platnumz's baby mama is not just an ordinary parent but a unique modern parent who has focused on raising his children differently than most.