Drip Fest: Where beats ruled, fashion thrived, and Dlala Thukzin stole hearts

Drip Fest is organised by Radio Africa Events and is aimed at celebrating music, fashion and ubuntu

A recap of Radio Africa's 3rd edition of Drip Fest

Let me tell you about a little shindig that went down on Carnivore grounds last Sunday –Radio Africa Event's Drip Fest!

The kind of event that makes you wish you had a time machine to go back and relive it all over again.

I had the pleasure of attending Radio Africa Events 3rd edition of Drip Fest and trust me, if you weren't there, the FOMO was real! Don't even lie, I know.


First things first, let's talk about the sound quality. It was so good you could practically feel the bass in your bones.

I swear, they must have borrowed some sonic technology from the future, because it was so well balanced, the epitome of crisp and clear.


You see how sometimes loud music feels annoying and it's a bother? This wasn't!


Look at these faces, do they look like people who didn't have a great time?

Kiss FM's Breakfast show host Kwambox and her friend posing for a photo at Drip Fest
Image: JB Formative

As a matter of fact, they're showing off and mocking all those who missed out. Okay, I'll play nice let us continue with the recap.

The DJ's? Well, they weren't just playing music; they were conducting a symphony of electrifying beats.

It was like being caught in a musical whirlwind that you never wanted to end.

DJ Bune started off the afternoon and the girl was born for those decks! I couldn't stop moving even though I'm not a fan of Amapiano, the music selection was great!

DJ Sultan, just as his name suggests is a king when it comes to entertainment and he delivered.

DJ Bune
Image: JB Formative
Revlers having the time of their life at Drip Fest
Image: JB Formative
Attendees at Radio Africa's Drip Fest
Image: JB Formative

What I loved most about the venue was the fact that security was on point, so you could groove without a care in the world!

They stationed security guards at the entrance, car parks, and around the grounds.

The weather was serving! Beautifully sunny but just in case the weather decided to play tricks on us, there were tents ready to shelter us from Mother Nature's surprises.

You could dance in the rain, or simply enjoy the show from the comfort of a dry spot.

An attendee excitedly showing off his outfit at DRip Fest
Image: JB Formative

And the food vendors? Oh, they were a blessing! Affordable, delectable delights from as low as Sh.200 making sure our stomachs were as happy as our dancing feet.

They really understood the economy hasn't been giving this past year.

From gourmet hot dogs to mouthwatering chicken yakitori, they had a great selection that didn't need you to worry about going broke just to satisfy your cravings.

Now, let's talk about the crowd. People came dressed to the nines, dripping in style and swag just as the posters had asked them to!

I saw outfits that were drop-dead off Pinterest and some outfits I couldn't even begin to describe. It was a catwalk and a dance floor all in one!

A DRip Fest atendee showing off his look
Image: JB Formative
Image: JB Formative

But the real star of the show was South African artist and disc jockey Dlala Thukzin!

This guy didn't just DJ; he took us on a musical journey through time and space.

His skills behind the turntables were nothing short of spectacular, and the crowd went absolutely wild. I assure you, if there's such a thing as a musical sorcerer, he's it.

South AFrican entertainer Dhala Thukzin showing off his skill at Drip Fest
Image: JB Formative
Image: JB Formative

So, if you weren't there at Drip Fest, I'm truly sorry for your FOMO. It was a day filled with unforgettable beats, spectacular DJ performances, top-notch security, convenient tents, scrumptious food vendors, and fashion statements that would put the runway to shame.

The only thing missing was you, and trust me, we noticed.

Don't make the same mistake next time. Be ready to drip in style, dance the night away, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Drip Fest is the place to be, and you won't want to miss it next time #DripFestVibes

Here is a little video highlighting the recap just to give you a feel of the event:

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