How to properly care for your skin during this harsh cold weather

Most people assume the sun is our skin's greatest enemy but our skin needs extra care even in this cold weather

A woman applying a skin care product on her face
Image: Cottonbro studio for Pexels

With this cold weather fast descending upon us with its icy embrace, your skin might be whispering, "Help! I need moisture!"

I know most people assume the sun is our skin's greatest enemy and only then must we unite all the skin care forces to combat it but that isn't the case. Our skin needs extra care even in this cold weather.

Here's a informative guide on how to keep your skin glowing even with the frosty winds.

PS; these tips are unisex, men gather here! We are so done with the ashy look, we are almost crossing over to 2024 it is about time you start pampering your skin!

Hydration Hijinks Winter is the Grinch of hydration, stealing moisture quicker than you can say "Jack Frost." You can combat this by embracing the holy grail of skincare – moisturization! Invest in a rich, hydrating moisturizer that makes your skin go, "Ah, that's the good stuff."

2. Layer Up Just as you'd layer up with cozy sweaters, your skin requires extra protection as well. Start with a hydrating serum, add a dollop of moisturizer, and seal the deal with a facial oil. It's like creating a chic skincare parfait, and your skin will thank you with a radiant runway-worthy glow.

A guyy applying Vitamin C serum on his skin
Image: Instagram/ _Luxury.Skin

3. Shower Steamy, Not Scalding Hot showers might be tempting, but they're a skincare sin in winter. Instead go for warm, steamy showers that don't strip your skin of its natural oils. 

4. Lip Service Winter winds can turn your lips into a parched desert. Keep those puckers plush with a lip balm that's more than just a pretty pout – it's a shield against the winter's lip-chapping antics.

5. H2O – Your Winter BFF Water, the unsung hero of skincare! Sip on it like you're tasting the finest Kenyan chai tea. Hydrated skin is happy skin, and it's the easiest beauty hack in the book.

6. Exfoliate, Don't Hibernate Exfoliation is your secret weapon against the winter dullness. Polish away those dead skin cells like you're uncovering buried treasure. Your skin will reward you by radiating a glow that rivals the full moon's splendour.

A guy applying Luxury Skin care products on his face
Image: Instagram/ _Luxury.Skin

7. Sheet Masks  Sheet masks are the caped crusaders your skin needs. Pop one on, relax, and let the serum-infused magic unfold. Your skin will be so pampered; it might just write you a thank-you note.

8. Sunscreen The sun might be playing hide-and-seek, but its UV rays are persistent. Shield your skin with sunscreen to ensure it stays safe and sound. 

9. Humidify Your Castle Indoor heating can turn your home into a moisture-sucking desert. Invest in a humidifier to add a touch of tropical paradise to your living space.

10. DIY Winter Elixirs Whip up some DIY face masks using kitchen wonders like honey, yogurt, and avocado. It's like a winter feast for your skin, and you get to be the master chef.

Winter skincare isn't a battle; it's a dance and with these tips, you'll waltz through the season with skin so radiant!

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