6 reasons why you should eat more cucumbers

Cucumbers can be used on the skin and in the kitchen

Cucumber slices
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Cucumbers are one of the few versatile fruits we have around.

It can not only be used on our bodies but in the kitchen as well.

Below are the 5 uses of Cucumber

Spicing water

We all have seen people carrying a water bottle with slices of cucumber in it.

Cucumbers help in hydration as they have high water content. They also ensure the water tastes good hence encouraging the drinking of more water


If you love taking smoothies, how about including cucumber in them? You won't regret it.

and cucumber slices
Smoothie and cucumber slices
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Getting rid of eye bags

Cucumber slices can also help soothe puffy eyes and reduce swelling. 

In case you are having puffy eyes due to lack of proper sleep or because of a hangover grab a cucumber.

at a spa
Cucumber at a spa
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Cucumbers can be used to make salads. They come in handy due to their high water content which helps in hydration.

This in turn makes one have clear skin.

Cucumber salad
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Cucumbers can be pickled

Pickling is the process of preserving edible products in an acid solution, usually vinegar, or in salt solution (brine). 

The edges are then eaten as accompaniments to other foods.

Cucumber pickles
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Eases constipation

Due to it's high water content, cucumbers help ease constipation.

Remember to include a cucumber in all your salads, it can also be taken as a snack accompanied by peanut butter.