How to ensure your makeup remains flawless all day

Makeup tips to look good all day

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Makeup is revolutionary and I for one live by Bobbi Brown's words, " I believe all women are pretty without makeup, but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful." 

Applying a full face-beat can be quite time-consuming and on top of that, the products are expensive, and well the art itself does require skill and concentration so one does want their art to last a full day.

A few factors such as weather, the primer used, and products as well do determine how long your makeup lasts, if it cracks/cakes, and the freshness of the look.


Below are some tips to keep in mind when doing full face makeup:

1) Know your skin type

This helps you understand the products needed, what to go for and what to avoid. 


It also helps you choose appropriate makeup for your skin type. Skin tests help you with this, you can have one done at the makeup store or DIY at home. 

2) Prep Skin

Prepping the skin helps to remove the dirt and unclog the pores.

This includes cleansing and toning, followed by moisturizing and priming the skin then makeup application.

3) Priming 

Primers help enhance the product by providing a smooth canvas for your makeup to blend easily.

A light solution of the primer helps seal the pores, mattify the skin and help reduce the production of oil depending on the primer and your skin type.

4) Setting powder 

Translucent setting powder is essential in the makeup routine but especially Baking.

Baking is practically putting excess powder on the skin to set/outline specific areas or in other words " cook" the look. Let the powder sit for like 10-15 minutes then brush it off.

This helps lock in the foundation to prevent, smudging, creasing and fading. It does so by melting all the layers of makeup together and prolonging the wear.

Finish off and seal the look with a setting spray and voila you are done!

NB: Avoid overlaying your makeup as this will lead to it caking and cracking as the day goes by especially if it is hot. Thick layers do not stick to the skin.

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