Pritty Vishy
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I guess even tough cookies do finally crumble.

Content creator Purity Vishenwa, popularly known as Pritty Vishy, is one tough cookie but it seems she has had it with trying to keep a thick skin and constantly fight online trolls.

Vishy shared a video online where she broke down into tears as she begged people to stop body shaming and trolling her.


The 21-year-old has been called all sorts of names from kuku kienyeji which means a traditional chicken, a name that she seemed to have embraced in an attempt to show her trolls that they can't bully her.

Vishy who for a while used to call herself kienyeji pro max in an interview this year said, "people used to call me kienyeji, and I was like if you view me as one then let me be kienyeji pro max..."

Apart from what netizens have told her, her smile resembles that of the late Hon. Mwai Kibaki. While others decide that that's her new name due to the resemblance.


In the video posted online, a teary Vishy appealed to netizens to stop branding her these distasteful names and teasing her.

"Did I ask God to create me this way? No. I didn't, if I was to choose how I would be born, I would want to look like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj." the content creator remarked.

She added that people should stop waiting for her to upload pictures and videos in order to troll her.


She tearfully reminded netizens that she is someone's child and her mother would be hurt and sad seeing people body-shaming her.

She also added that every time she is alone she gets depressed and feels like she is not worth it and like other girls.

Even amidst her tears and pleas, some trolls would still not give her a break as they came to her page still calling her names and asking the young content creator why she wanted to be famous in the first place.

Adding she should deal with her situation.

Quite sad indeed but there was a section that encouraged her not to give up and to learn to ignore the hate, if only it was that easy.

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