Friend Group
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Throughout a person's life span friendship is important, it's the aspect of enduring affection, esteem, intimacy, and trust between different people.

True friendship is accepting each other unconditionally, helping each other grow, mutual support in tough times, and increasing one's ability to love themselves.


Having friends of all sexes and genders enriches your life and helps you become a more well-rounded person.


Men and women live, work, and play side-by-side, but can they really be friends without being romantically interested in each other.? Leaving out family relations.

In most friendships men tend to be attracted to the woman sexually when she just wants to be  friends leading to the friendship breaking.

Its a similar case in women but  rarely , everyone has a different opinion on this matter.


In an Instagram post by nairobi_gossip_club   some men and women commented on the matter.

A large number of men seem to accept finding it hard to be just friends with a woman and want them romantically.



Male comments:

bravinyuri  "A man can only be friends with a woman if and only if; (I) the woman in question is the sister, mother, or wife.

ii) the woman in question has set a very solid boundary which more than often will always be challenged until the man realizes nothing is ever going to go down.

The disadvantage of this situation is if the man involved is not wise, he will always be exploited .

The reason, men dislike making female friends is because feminine energy drains masculine energy. When a man has many female friends, observe his behavior. Most likely to behave like a woman too."Bravin wrote.

Political scientist
Bravin Yuri Political scientist
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brunohlan replied @bravinyuri end up doing them many favours and expecting nothing in return .Just weird listening many sad stories from girls they got screwed and dumped.

kamau_.fitke7:My girlfriend is not allowed to have male friends. I was a friend too and I know what I did 

yoh_bwoi_nextdoor a well mannered man with principles will know how to stick to his lanes and know if it is only friendship it is ONLY FRIENDSHIP 😌 correct me if i am wrong

2mbili Si unaombwa tu kama friend ... no strings !! Unapeana kama friend!

nairobian_offset ukuwe mrembo then tukuwe friends when am single 😂😂not unless you ain't pretty or wewe ni mnono😂😂

senseiorwait's a waste of time & resources from a man's perspective

adisia_wamuranga Men don't benefit from female friends. The vice versa happens.

raphael_hearshie Cause every Friendship must have a Benefits😂carlos._rubia Bestie kama hakupei anakutumia vibaya...ama aje??

😅_m.o.n.e.z_ @carlos._rubia na nini na hakuna kitu yako unampea. Tafuta dem mkuwe lovers and friends. Sio kuwa entitled kwa your female friends kuchi😂_

Female comments:

  nadia_mukami  Ukiwa MALI SAFI hawatambui friends!! 😁

miss_wavinya35 My question too, what is difficult there

its_just_divah Let's be just friends Na utajam akisema Leo dame yanguu anakuja😮😂😂

its_liahngendo ama the woman becomes more masculine.