Miss Njagi TikTok dancer and content creator
Image by Instagram

TikTok has gained immense popularity  and it's the ultimate platform for entertainment, learning, and self-expression.

 Creators heavily depend on these platforms to showcase their creativity and engage with their audiences.

Abrupt bans without clear explanations or accessible appeal can harm creators' livelihoods and emotional well-being.

Several well-known TikTokers have had their accounts banned from TikTok over the years proving that even famous individuals aren't immune to the platform's rules and regulations.

They include:

 1. Maureen Njoki Murira


TikTok banned Njoki Murira's account with 2.7M followers in Nov. 2023, leaving her heartbroken.

Reacting to the ban, the TikToker shared a screenshot of the account and wrote; "When TikTok 😂 try you,".

Without disclosing the reason, the beauty requested her fans to follow her new account.

The TikToker's dance videos, revealing her bosomy figure in the village, gave her a massive following.

Despite facing setbacks, she persisted and patiently appealed the decision, awaiting the restoration of her account

After months of uncertainty Njoki Murira  shared her joy and relief following the reinstatement of her previously banned account. 

Currently She has 42.2k followers on TikTok  and 227K on Instagram. 

2. Thee Pluto

Youtuber and content creator
Robert Ndegwa Kamau Youtuber and content creator
Image: Instagram

Kenyan content creator Thee Pluto lost his TikTok with a following of 977K on 21 Sep 2023.

Thee Pluto had his TikTok account suspended for breaking community guidelines by sharing his phone number in the comments.

He created a new TikTok account and appealed to reverse the ban in order to regain his original account, which had almost a million followers.

At the moment he has 170.9 followers on the platform.

3.Esther Akoth (Akothee)

Singer Akothee
Esther Akoth Singer Akothee
Image: Instagram

TikTok suspended Akothee's account with over 400k followers amidst her quarrel with TikTok star Nyako.

Social media feud between Singer Akothee and content creator Pilot Nyako escalated leading to  Akothee's  TikTok account being suspended.

Nyako and Akothee had been at each other's necks for days, throwing jabs and insults at each other, before the suspension

Pilot Nyako (right) and Akothee (left)

Akothee lost three TikTok accounts with over 100k followers due to platform management challenges.

Her account and her former boyfriend's account were reported and suspended due to jealousy and insecurity from other users.

The singer gained thousands of followers on TikTok after her account was suspended. She shared screenshots of her page with 400,000 followers

She has 515.7k followers on TikTok as of today.

4.Gloria Ntazola 

Digital content creator
Gloria Ntazola Digital content creator
Image: Instagram

Gloria Ntazola the TikToker gained popularity following a dispute with a kanjo askari.

The incident led to her account being permanently banned, this is due to harassment and bullying which are against the platform's community guidelines.

She has 66.3k on TikTok at the moment.

5. Miss Njagi

TikTok dancer and content creator
Miss Njagi TikTok dancer and content creator
Image: Instagram

Also known as Beryl, Miss njagi, is a dancer on Tiktok who is currently enrolled at Mount Kenya University in Thika.

She has recently lost her  second TikTok account which had 418K followers,

Njagi lost her first account last year on, which had over 1 million followers.

Miss Njagi expressed her sarcastic disappointment on her Instagram page, questioning the motives of certain individuals seemingly determined to bring about her downfall.

“Aaah TikTok mnanibamba tu lazima you make sure account imeenda, hata mfanye nini Mungu naye haniachi,” she wrote.

Miss Njagi has created a new online account which has already gained over 1000 followers after facing the setbacks.