Kiptum's House: Everything you need to know about precast houses explained

All valid questions considering how many buildings we've seen crumbling down mid-construction or maybe months after construction due to being rushed.

Kelvin Kiptum's precast three-bedroom house built in six-day 

Following the late Marathon runner Kelvin Kiptum's house getting completed in less than 2 weeks, Kenyans were left amazed and with loads of questions, like how? And was the house's stability up to per.

All valid questions considering how many buildings we've seen crumbling down mid-construction or maybe months after construction due to being rushed.

Well, Kiptum's house was not your usual, conventional brick-by-brick house. Picture this a house that is like Lego but for grown-ups! Precast, that is the magic behind it all.

Precast houses are basically like building homes one giant puzzle piece at a time. Originating from Nordic countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Iceland precast housing is a type of innovation that allows constructors to fabricate concrete components off-site.

Think of them as giant, ready-made building blocks. Instead of constructing every wall and slab on-site, precast houses are made off-site in a factory, where concrete is poured into molds and cured to perfection. Once ready, these precast elements are transported to your plot of land and pieced together like a massive, high-stakes puzzle.

A precast concrete walls house
Image: Courtesy

Now, why are precast houses becoming the darlings of the construction world? Well, for starters, they're like the Ferdinand Omanyala of building... lightning-fast and time saving as well.


Well, picture this: instead of spending ages watching paint dry (literally), precast houses are like fast-food for builders. They're assembled quicker than you can say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," saving time, money, and probably a few hairs from being pulled out in frustration.

Now, let's talk cash. While conventional builds might have you selling a kidney or two to fund your dream home, precast houses are like that friend who always picks up the bill – affordable and stress-free. So you can keep your kidneys and still have a roof over your head.

They are a budget friendly option since labour used is minimal compared to the traditional house building method. Also the construction process is streamlined and material purchased once instead of in bits and pieces.

Inside Kelvin Kiptum's three-bedroom house built in Six-day

Now, let's talk about the difference between precast houses and their conventional counterparts. While traditional builds rely on a slow and steady approach, precast houses are all about efficiency. With precast, you can kiss goodbye to weather delays and construction mishaps, thanks to the controlled environment of the factory where each component is meticulously crafted.

A 3 bedroom precast shell with 2 bathrooms according to Floor and Decor, a construction company, costs less than a million shillings (Sh. 950,000 to be exact) and will probably take up to 12 days for completion.

While a 1 bedroom is estimated to cost Sh. 700,00 while a 2 bedroom is estimated at Sh.1.1 million. A completed 3 bedroom while at most cost Sh. 3.2 million in total. 

In a nutshell, precast houses are the cool kids on the block, shaking up the construction game with their speed, affordability, and Kenyan charm.


Who needs traditional building methods when you can have a home that's ready faster than you can say "Hakuna Matata"?

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