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Comedian Mulamwah has revealed the amount of money that his luxury home in a village in Trans Nzoia county will cost him for it to be finished completely.

The comedian started the home last year a few months after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend Carrol Sonie.

The content creator, whose wife is expecting, has been taking his fans on a journey to build the huge house.


Speaking to online journalists two days ago at the launch of his fellow comedian, Terence Creative's Wash Wash 4, Mulamwah revealed that although many find it easy, for his part it has not been easy to do such a project.

He said that from the foundation of the home to where he had reached right now, he has been relying on his own money without taking any loan.

He added that he would need over 15 million Kenyan shillings to complete the home


"The journey has been difficult, it is a sacrifice because nothing is easy. Even if you say you want to buy a jacket tomorrow, you will have to skip lunch two or three times, it's all due to dedication, sacrifice and hard work. You have to find that money because no one will give you a loan, it's your, so you'll be going around looking for it..." he said.


"It's something that is possible, just don't tell you that you can't, it's just planning and telling yourself that you know what's possible and you're willing to do it, it's that simple. Until I finish it is hard money, it cannot be less than 15 million," he added.

One of the sacrifices the comic has made to accomplish his dream of building his dream home is renting in a very frugal manner.

In March of 2023, Mulamwah told Plug TV about this tough choice saying, 

"It's not like we don't love living in a nice house. It's just that we want to build and own that mansion first, then move inside. There is no need to live in a big house when you're alone.  Just live in a house you're comfortable in and invest the money."