An employee at work

The comparison of the two generations in a working setup is that Millennials tend to value a healthy work-life balance compared to Gen Z who tend to be more career-driven and financially motivated.

Millennials tend to favor job flexibility whereby they expect the jobs to adapt to them and also they are most likely to quit if their employer no longer meets their needs. Meanwhile, Gen Z is hit harder by unemployment, which is why they tend to prefer job stability and security.

The difference between Gen Z and Millennials on feedback is that Gen Z usually prefers straightforward feedback.

They are also known to be more sensitive to criticism and respond better to feedback that is delivered with words of encouragement.

Millennials usually embrace the long way of going around things at work which they believe will result to increased productivity while Gen Z usually finds a way to maneuver through things faster and in the simplest way possible achieving the best results in a short span.

On the job search, Gen Z are looking for companies that reflect their values, so once they are hired they are not afraid to push their employer to fight for the values they believe in.


Meanwhile, Millennials are very afraid of their employers to the extent they can’t speak up if deprived of their rights.

Gen Z in the workplace lead the charge when it comes to decentralizing work from life. 

This doesn’t mean that they don’t care about work but rather a restructuring of priorities where work doesn’t come before their personal life.

At the workplace, Gen Z are more technologically savvy than the Millennials. 

This indicates their level of comfort in using technology probably arises from they have grown up when technology has been advanced.

Millennials are not always ready to take risks which is vice versa for Gen z and due to this characteristic they are termed to be very independent.

“When Millennials try to adjust to how Gen Z are doing things at work and stop terming them as lazy people it would really go an extra mile in changing the work Space to be better,” A Gen Z said.